Peter Schärli: Don't Change Your Hair For Me

about the band


"Don't change your hair for me not, if you care for me" is a line from "My funny Valentine", one of the most famous and most often performed jazz ballads. The song was dreamed up by the songwriter duo Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart for the musical "Babes in Arms" in 1937. Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis and Chet Baker - among other jazz legends - marked the subconscious of entire generations of jazz admirers with their interpretations. This, if some attempts to do same, he or she needs to have very clear ideas as to how to go about the evocative song.


Peter Schärli, trumpeter and flugelhorn player, has no problem with that. He knows the tune as well as the acclaimed personalities who performed it before him, and he is also quite aware of his own capabilities. His sophisticated sound culture makes him a true expert for soulful ballads à la "My funny Valentine", which has provided his band with its peculiar name. Peter Schärli found a twin soul in Thomas Dürst. A band member of many years. Dürst is brillant when it comes to swinging, and he can also ground lyrical tunes tastefully and tactfully. Another perfect match is singer and guitarist Antonia Giordano. She makes the synthesis of Schärli's melancholy undertones and Dürst's solid foundations. American vocalist Sandy Patton toured around Europe with Dizzie Gillespie, Buddy Tate, Jaco Pastorius and Earl "Fatha" Hines. Her roots and the affinities of the other band members coincide; the band follows the classical jazz singer tradition, as Ella Fitzgerald invended it."


(Peter Bürli)