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Peter Schärli double vision

Lars Lindvall - trumpet
Peter Schärli - trumpet
Vince Benedetti - piano
Hämi Hämmerli - bass
Elmar Frey - drums
Homage to Umberto Arlati and Peter Schmidlin


In the years 2002 - 2004, Peter Schärli double vision and Peter Schärli triple vision played many concerts in Austria and Switzerland. Umberto Arlati, Lars Lindvall, Peter Schärli tp, Vince Benedetti p, Hämi Hämmerli b, Peter Schmidlin dr (Peter Schärli double vision without Umberto Arlati)

A double CD of two of these concerts has been released:
Live at the Mahogany Hall, in Bern (2002) and Live at the bird’s eye, in Basel (2003) -TCB The Montreux Jazz Label 37302

Umberto Arlati, – “the tiler from Olten, the Miles Davis of Europe” (as Joachim Ernst Berendt once wrote) – was a gifted trumpet player and teacher of Peter Schärli at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern. There aren't many recordings of "Umbi" out there, so these ones become an important part of his legacy. Peter Schmidlin – one of the great drummers – not only played in these two bands, but also in various Peter Schärli projects.

We, the survivors, would like to honor these two great musicians with a series of concerts.

“Lars Lindval and Peter Schärli, two wonderful trumpet players supported by a rhythm section that provides everything the soloist needs to take off on the ramp. Strong music from strong musicians, and a great pleasure to listen to!
Beat Blaser, Radio SRF
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