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Theatre, circus, film and others

Peter Schärli has also made an excellent name for himself as a composer of theatre music. In his career he has been able to work with great actors and directors (Therese Bichsel, Margrit Bischof, Masha Dimitri, Rony Segal, Maja Stolle, Brigitta Weber, Martha Zürcher, Ueli Bichsel, Ueli Blum, Werner Bodinek, Dimitri, Inigo Gallo, Bruno Ganz, Matthias Gnädinger, Ruedi Häusermann, André Heller, Marcel Joller, Guy Krneta, Rolf Lyssy, Schang Meier, Adrian Meyer, Mike Müller, Louis Naef, Hannes Schmiedhauser, Ernst Siegrist, Hansrudolf Twerenbold, Peter Vogel, Mark Wetter. ..).
In favour of his own projects, he decided in 2000 to no longer accept commissioned compositions for theatre and film.
Own productions
“Der Bummler”
In 2019 he wrote the play “Der Bummler”, a story from the jazzy hinterland, together with Pirmin Bossart and Werner Bodinek. A co-production with Werner Bodinek. Music: Peter Schärli, director: Ueli Blum, acting: Werner Bodinek
Musicians: Mareille Merck (guitar), Madlaina Küng (double bass), Peter Schärli (trumpet)
“Die Schlacht, ein explosives Oratorium”
In 2005, Peter Schärli ventured into his first theatre production. He was the initiator, lyricist and composer of the play “Die Schlacht, ein explosives Oratorium” - spoken, danced and played based on the story “Die Schlacht bei Sempach” by Robert Walser.

Peter Schärli (concept and composition), Ueli Blum (final direction), Ruedi Häusermann (conceptual consultation), Claudia Tolusso (co-development of the stage), Daniel Müller (lighting and technology), Irina Lorez (choreography and dance), Ueli Bichsel (scenography and clown figure). ), Kaspar Ewald (stage conductor), Frank Szekeres (speaker), Barbara Berger (vocals), Peter Schärli, Heinz della Torre (trumpets), Shirley Hoffmann (horn), Jean-Jacques Pedretti (trombone), Marc Unternährer (tuba) , Jacques Widmer (timpani and percussion)
Collaboration with the director Louis Naef
In 1982, Peter Schärli began a long-term collaboration with the landscape theater director Louis Naef.
  • In the play “Romeo und Julia in Willisau” He played trumpet in 1982. Composition: John Wolf Bernnan, musicians: Prem Ushma, Peter Schärli, Beat Blaser, John Wolf Brennan, Thomas Dürst, Marco Käppeli
  • In 1992 he drew the landscape theater's compositions and musical concept "Vier Jahreszeiten" by Heinz Stalder. Performances in the Wauwilermoos, around and on the Napf, in the Bell Prak Kriens and in the St. Urban monastery church. Musicians: Saadez Türköz, Dom Um Romão, Burhan Oeçal, Hans Kennel, Jean-Jacques Pedretti, Ben Jeger, David, Gattiker, Peter Schärli and many others
  • In 1993, Schärli composed the music for the play together with Ben Jeger “Katharina Knie” by Carl Zuckmayer in an adaptation by Hansjörg Schneider. Musicians: Peter Schärli, Ben Jeger, Benoît Viredaz
  • With Dieter Ammann he composed the music for the play in 1994“Elsi, die seltsame Magd” by Hansjörg Schneider after Jeremias Gotthelf. Musicians: Students of the Lucerne University of Music - Music. Both productions took place on the open-air stages on the Ballenberg. The music of both producers was released on CD.
  • Production continued at Ballenberg in 1995“Peter Gynt” by Hansjörg Schneider after Henrik Ibsen for whom Schärli wrote the music. Musicians: Shirley Anne Hofmann, Peter Schärli, Ben Jeger, Hämi Hämmerli
  • The musical concept and compositions for the landscape theatre followed in 1998“Tag des Jammers” by Hansjörg Schneider in Stans. Musicians: Barbara Berger, Peter Schärli, Roland von Flüe, Hans-Peter Pfammatter, Jacques Widmer
  • In Lenzburg, in 2000, Schärli's music was for the landscape theatre “Frühlingserwachen” asked by Frank Wedekind, for which Hansjörg Schneider wrote a dialect version. Musicians: Franziska Baumann, Christoph Gantert, Peter Schärli, Jean-Jacques Pedretti, Ben Jeger, Benoît Viredaz
  • 2002 musical consultant and musical concept for the Cantonal Day of the Central Swiss Cantons at expo 02, Einfall Zentralschweiz
In 1998, Schärli directed the musical concept and compositions for the film “Grenzgänger” as well as for the television documentary "Der vergessene Krieg" by Edwin Beeler and Louis Naef.
Further projects (excerpt)
Schärli gained his first theater experiences at the end of the 1970s Das tanzende Theater the Israeli dancer Rony Segal. Dancers: Rony Segal, Tal Haran and Liselotte Bugnon, musicians: Daniel Guggenheim, Peter Schärli, Hämi Hämmerli, Heinz Lieb
1978 tour with Jerry Dental Kollekduof (Das kochende Inferno), among others at the Willisau Jazz Festival 1978 and at the Munich Theater Festival (some participants: Luisa Merki, Giuseppe Reichmuth, Ruedi Häusermann, Jürg Woodtli, Urs Blöchlinger, Christoph Baumann, Robert Morgenthaler, Hämi Hämmerli, Marco Käppeli)
A constant in Schärli's musical biography is his collaboration as a trumpeter and composer with circus orchestras.
  • In 1982 he played in the orchestra Winter-Zirkus Conelli, Zurich
  • 1984 in the orchestra of Circus Roncalli in Trieste, Recklinghausen, Berlin and Hamburg.
  • In 1996, 2000, 2003 and 2005 he wrote the compositions and arrangements for the Circus Monti.
  • From 1985 to 1996 he was a musician and composer in Zirus-Theater Federlos. Musicians: Co Streiff, Tommy Meier, Ben Jeger Christian Kuntner, Fredi Flukiger
  • In 1994 he played together with Shirley Anne Hofmann and Benoît Viredaz at the anniversary celebration of Zirkus Knie (75 years).
Schärli wrote the music for the two clowns with Ben Jeger Knill and Knoll and Band (Ueli Bichsel, Marcel Joller) Musicians: Shirley Anne Hofmann, Tini Hägler, Hämi Hämmerli, Peter Schärli). In 1994/95 there were over 50 appearances at theater festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
His trumpet playing has been appreciated by many composers for a wide variety of films and radio plays.
  • 1996 Compositions and music concept for the play nocturne by Roger Lille, director: Maja Stolle, musicians: Susanna Andres and Benoît Viredaz
  • 1997 Compositions and music concept for the play MünchhausenDirector: Guy Krneta
  • 1998 composition and trumpet for the radio play D'Goldsuecher am Napfl by Josef Zihlmann, directed by Buschi Luginbühl
  • 1999 compositions for the play Sand auf der Zunge by Urs Steiner, Margrit Bischof and Werner Bodinek
  • 2000 Composition and music concept for the play Tanz im Glück from Mark Wetter
  • 2002/2004 tour with Danza - Compagnia Vitale and Bandella Ben Jeger an Alpine dance festival, performances in France, Germany and Switzerland (including over 20 performances at expo 02)
  • 2005 trumpeter in the play Love and Passion, Jazz and Billie Holiday, for two actors and three musicians, director: Martha Zürcher, actors: Doris Hett and Simon Ledergerber, musicians: Peter Schärli, Peter Gossweiler, Serge Businger
  • 2007 Composition and musical concept for the ceremony Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival in Aarau
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