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Schärli & Zytynska “duoplus”

Peter Schärli - trumpet
Sylwia Zytynska - drums

Peter Schärli, Sylwia Zytynska and an invited guest give special and unforgettable moments in life.


We have been playing together in a variety of formations for twenty years, through which we have continually discovered and developed our mutual musical understanding.
For this reason we started to form the duo Schärli & Zytynska – with ever-growing success.
This work gave rise to the idea of our new project: Schärli & Zytynska “duoplus”.
We invite one guest to each of our concerts. With our improvisations we want to give the audience a special, unforgettable moment in life. The concert is followed by the second “halftime”, namely a relaxed conversation with the audience over a small snack/apéro and a glass of wine. This get-together is an important part of our concept!
Our previous guests:
  • Charlotte Hug
  • Catherine Lanfranconi
  • Lauren Newton
  • Co Streiff
  • Saadet Türköz
  • Dominic Dolega
  • Dominique Girod
  • Gerry Hemingway
  • Hans Koch
  • Klaus Merz
  • Jean Jacques Pedretti
  • Klara Germanier
  • Mathilde Raemy
  • Marina Tantanazi
  • Valeria Zangger
  • Fritz Hauser
  • Jonas Kocher
  • Kevin Sommer
  • Jacques Widmer

Peter Schärli and Sylwia Zytynska about: Schärli & Zytynska “duoplus”

The concert series Peter Schärli & Zytynska “duoplus” is financially supported by:

Marianne and Curt Dienemann Foundation
Ida and Albert
Flersheim Foundation
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