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Peter Schärli «Sound Experience / Klangerlebnis»

2008 - 2015

Lauren Newton - vocals
Sylwia Zytynska - percussion
Jean-Jacques Pedretti - trumpet
Peter Schärli - trumpet


So far, “Sound Experience / Klangerlebnis” has performed its music primarily in special buildings and rooms in the great outdoors. Now the sounds come to the stage in concert, where an additional dimension unfolds due to the compact setting.

The quartet has made a name for itself with subtle live sound installations. The roots of this project go back to 1992. Back then, Peter Schärli filled the Napf (a peak in the foothills of the Alps in Switzerland) with sound from all sides with alphorns and percussionists.

As a composer and/or soloist, Peter Schärli later took part in other sound installations in various configurations, for example in the Wauwiler Moos (an archaeological landscape of European importance), in the Bell Park in Kriens, at the Tempelhof in Uffikon (art and culture in the countryside ), in the German-Polish border town of Görlitz/Zgorzelec, in the monastery church of St. Urban, in the water reservoir in Hergiswil/NW, in Peter Zumthor's Swiss pavilion at the Expo 2000 world exhibition in Hanover, in the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin (on the occasion of a Exhibition by Walter Benjamin), in the collegiate church of St. Martin in Sarnen, at the chalk cliffs on the island of Rügen, at the exhibition “Ausnahmezustand” in Hergiswil/NW, at the Hitzacker Music Days with a sound installation at sunrise on and on the Elbe or “ Ton & Tal” a sound hike from Chiasso to Augst. In the Catholic Church in Aarau, Peter Schärli performed the musical concept for a music performance with selected text passages by Klaus Merz.

The core formation with Lauren Newton, Sylwia Zytynska, Jean-Jacques Pedretti and Peter Schärli has crystallized over the past few years. It can be expanded depending on the size of the project. At the last performances the quartet was supported by Christian Wolfarth (perc) or Hans Koch (bcl). 


Abi S. Rosenthalt

“Sound Experience” balances on a high tightrope. 
Climbs steep rock faces. 
Dive under water, hike over mountains and valleys. 
Instrumental somersaults on life. Rhythmic currents.
A quartet of professional expertise.  
Structures and vibrations. From Bach to Walser.
Earthbound and skyward. As if angels were flapping their wings.

Abi S. Rosenthalt, Tel Aviv, May 2014

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