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Schärli - Moreira - Feigenwinter

Juarez Moreira - guitar
Hans Feigenwinter - piano
Peter Schärli - trumpet


“Juarez Moreira is one of the best guitarists of all time... and also a gifted composer! His playing takes me on a trip to paradise.” - Milton Nascimento

Piano, acoustic guitar, trumpet: the line-up is bold, the musicians involved are classy. With this trio, trumpeter and composer Peter Schärli continues his musical line of quiet tones, reduction and transparency. Original compositions will be played by all three musicians. Anyone who knows the qualities of Schärli's projects and how well they are anchored in the audience can expect a top-class experience. 

With the Brazilian guitarist Juarez Moreira, Schärli has been able to sign an outstanding musician. Moreira fills large concert halls in Brazil. He recently performed with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra at the sold-out Lincoln Center in New York. Moreira has worked with numerous well-known musicians, including Maria Bethânia, Gal Costa, Milton Nascimiento, Wagner Tiso, Lô Borges, Toninho Horta and Paulo Moura. His compositions are actively played by well-known names from the current Brazilian scene.

Hans Feigenwinter from Basel brings his great melodic ear and his brilliant playing technique to the trio. The pianist values clarity and comprehensibility in his compositions, which he also explores with his own trio. Feigenwinter's sparkling cascades testify to an almost inexhaustible imagination. As a long-time sideman in the Peter Schärli Special Sextet featuring Glenn Ferris, he is very familiar with the trumpeter and composer's musical ideas.

In the 30 years of his professional career, Peter Schärli has brought his music more and more urgently to the point with a sure sense. Their gently melancholic tone combines with powerful exploits and concise improvisations. Schärli is a guarantee of continuity. 

Schärli-Moreira-Feigenwinter's tours in 2013, 2015 and 2018 took these three musicians to festivals in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Brazil and Bolivia.  


Sandro Stoll

The trio Schärli-Moreira-Feigenwinter offered one and a half hours of pure beauty yesterday at the 29th Schaffhausen Jazz Festival 2018. From the first note, this trio breathes like a single body and Schärli's solo opens up the very large space for the first time this evening. Everything is incredibly relaxed, even in the most complex passages. And no matter the tempo: there's endless time. Schärli-Moreira-Feigenwinter maintain this high level for an hour and a half. And perhaps the astonishing thing about this evening is this: the beauty happens to the three of them almost casually.

Sandro Stoll, Schaffhauser News, May 26, 2018, 29th Schaffhausen Jazz Festival 2018

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