Sound Experience



The music of "Sound Experience" is by no means disrupted by this exterior noise. On the contrary. Lovely how the raindrops harmonise with Lauren Newton's vocalisms. The most beautiful chance compositions emerge in this way. One thing this music is certainly not is boring. "Sound experience" is a little musical treasure trove.
Christoph Merki - 14 January 2015 - Tages-Anzeiger, CH (translated by Marlène Thibault)

In a small ensemble – here one of four – a voice naturally attracts a great deal of attention. The overall impression of Sound Experience is thus one of vocal sound. But the three instrumentalists’ reflections of the voice are much more than mere running translations into different idioms. They are analyses, complete with commentaries, objections, and additions, which the voice in turn takes up and weaves into the narration. The four share a conversation in which each of them has a say, even though there are no words, and in which each feels understood without much having to be said. On this basis, the experience reaches far beyond what might be contained in the sound itself.
Christof Thurnherr - November/December 2014 - JAZZ’N’MORE, CH (translated by Marlène Thibault)