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Juni 2011, Beat Blaser

For more than thirty years now Peter Schärli has been performing on stage. Here in Switzerland, of course, and in surrounding Europe, but also at festivals across half the globe, in Asia, Africa, and South America. This continuous success has its reasons, which are simple and very Swiss. Peter Schärli (like several other Swiss: Roger Federer, Stephan Eicher, Roman Signer) delivers constant high-level quality. And it is one of the comforting insights on our existence that often continuous excellence sooner or later prevails.


Neue Luzerner Zeitung, 17 December 2011, Pirmin Bossart, CH

It is this continuity which is the hallmark of Schärli's endeavours and of the quality of his bands. He is not in the category of whooshing high-flyers cherished by the mainstream. He is more of a slow burner and focuses on the elementary and the comprehensible, which has a more sustainable impact than some overly intellectual or eccentric art project done for the sake of the project itself. "(...) I prefer being an uncommon common musician to being a common uncommon one."


Der Bund, 25 November 2011, Georg Modestin, CH

Schärli's jazz is wonderfully unexcited; hyping is just as alien to him as desperate striving for what has supposedly never before been heard.


Aargauer Zeitung, 22 November 2011, Stefan Künzli, CH

Great honour for Swiss jazz musician Peter Schärli: his album "O Grande Amor", featuring his trio and the Brazilian singer Ithamara Koorax, was pre-nominated for the Grammy awards for the best vocal jazz album of 2011. (...) The pre-nomination is no first for Schärli. The album's predecessor, entitled "Obrigado Dom Um Romão", was pre-nominated for the Grammys three years ago.

DIE WELTWOCHE, June 2011, Peter Rüedi, CH

What good can come out of a nondescript Swiss village like Schötz? Well, Schärli's good music does. I will never solve the conundrum of how, with that plain, straight, terse trumpet sound of his, he manages to strike all melancholy chords inside me.

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Anniversary 2011
30 years Peter Schärli and Thomas Dürst - 25 years Peter Schärli and Glenn Ferris

Peter Schärli Trio featuring
Glenn Ferris - Dark Nights
(Peter Schärli) - video

Peter Schärli Trio featuring
Glenn Ferris - Malinyea
(Don Cherry) - video

Peter Schärli "Don't change your hair for me"

Throw it away (A. Lincoln) - video



Peter Schärli Trio featuring
Ithamara Koorax - Fotografia
(Antonio C. Jobim) - video

Roberto Domeniconi >
Vierklang - video

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