Just as Peter Schärli’s appearance and character seem not to age, his music, too, has something timeless and indisputable about it. "It’s simple and natural, like all great art," as Peter Rüedi aptly put it.
Pirmin Bossart, May 29 2015, Willisauer Bote



There are few jazz musicians who possess a stability as strong as trumpeter Schärli. He is making music for over 30 years now and he is an example for how valuable it is to be surrounded by familiar musicians rather than jumping from one project to another. (...) And these attributes are what characterize him. This persistency also lays down an implicit quality which reveals new highlights from concert to concert and from album to album.
Pirmin Bossart - Nov./Dez. 2011 - JAZZ 'N' MORE



For more than thirty years now Peter Schärli has been performing on stage. Here in Switzerland, of course, and in surrounding Europe, but also at festivals across half the globe, in Asia, Africa, and South America. This continuous success has its reasons, which are simple and very Swiss. Peter Schärli (like several other Swiss: Roger Federer, Stephan Eicher, Roman Signer) delivers constant high-level quality. And it is one of the comforting insights on our existence that often continuous excellence sooner or later prevails.
Beat Blaser, June 2011



Cosmopolitan and loner at the same time, Schärli resists all fashions and mostly choses to work with people alike. More than ever, Schärli aims for a music with large half-life period and heavy specific weight.
Peter Rüedi, April 26 2001



Schärli, who has long been judged on the wrong level and misunderstood as a Miles Davis imitator, is more like a steadfast melancholic (if there is such a thing), a real dreamer, a kind of (let’s risk the unspeakable) Robert Walser of Swiss Jazz.
Peter Rüedi, May 22 1997

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Peter Schärli and Pierre Favre

"Alpsegen" (Swiss Alpine Prayer)
 - video

Peter Schärli Trio feat. I. Koorax

"Fotografia" (Antonio C. Jobim)

- video

Roberto Domeniconi

> Vierklang
- video

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