Schärli - Moreira - Feigenwinter





This splendid trio – the two Swiss with the Brazilian guitarist – truly warm one’s ears and soul. The fine poetry of their fascinatingly transparent music touches in a highly delightful, intelligent, and direct way – and even the biggest melancholic will smile or at least chuckle inwardly once the trumpeter makes his whimsical, mischievous announcements.
Steff Rohrbach, Jazz’n’More, July/August 2018

29th Schaffhausen Jazz Festival, 2018

The Schärli-Moreira-Feigenwinter trio offered an hour and a half of pure beauty yesterday at the 29th Schaffhausen Jazz Festival. From the first note, they breathed as a single body, and Schärli’s solo opened a vast space for the first time that evening. It was all incredibly relaxed, even in the most complex passages. And regardless of the tempo, this band has all the time in the world. Schärli-Moreira-Feigenwinter maintained this high level throughout the hour and a half of the concert. And perhaps the most amazing thing about this evening is that this beauty seemed to happen to them almost casually, without effort.
Sandro Stoll, Schaffhauser Nachrichten, 26 May 2018

29th Schaffhausen Jazz Festival, 2018

Following his collaboration with Ithamara Koorax, Schärli has once again scored a bullseye with a Brazilian–Swiss collaboration. Juarez Moreira is a fabulous guitarist from Brazil who performs with numerous celebrities in his home country – including Milton Nascimento, Toninho Horta, Gal Costa, and Egberto Gismonti, to name just a few – and some of his songs have become classics. With “Castelo”, Schärli-Moreira-Feigenwinter have recorded a wonderful album that balances dance and lightness with longing and melancholy. Over long stretches, their incredibly melodious music seems to virtually float in the air.
Tom Gsteiger, Bieler Tagblatt, 3 May 2018

Trip to paradise
So he's done it again. Peter Schärli has stretched out his trumpet Brazilwards and recorded an album that may already be celebrated as a classic of distinguished Brazil jazz. He should be showered in award gold for it. In its best moments, the music creates beauty so pure and strong that it seems to follow a near-natural determinism. Nothing is artificial here, and yet in the end there is great art. A beauty into which no doubt encroaches. Anyone who has heard Peter Schärli's album "Castelo" will endorse these lines.
Ane Hebeisen, Tages-Anzeiger, CH, 22 January 2015

Ci sono dei dischi che lasciano traccia, semplicemente perché la musica ha una carica emozionale enorme, qualcosa che arriva come un pugno nello stomaco, che si presenta semplice formalmente ma che ha profondità, spessore, semplicemente un vissuto, quello degli artisti, vero, che comunica qualcosa a chi ascolta. È il caso di questo Castelo (...) I tre hanno trovato un´intesa che va oltre quelle che sono le strutture della musica: nei cinquanta minuti a disposizione del disco raccontano a modo loro tante storie, belle e passionali, liriche e sognanti, una musica senza confini fra Svizzera e Brasile, jazz e bossa nova che ha un fascino speciale che la fa apprezzare.
Music-Zoom, Mai 2014, Vittorio Lo Conte

A beautiful album.
kulturtipp Februar 2014, Frank von Niederhäusern

Peter Schärli is an original mind and a gifted instrumentalist known for his simple tone. The way in which he takes up his colleagues’ themes and makes them his own, translating them into his dense, obstinately individual musical language – it’s wonderful. (…) The three of them make sublimely poetic, mostly melancholy music of immense intensity and density. Music without frills and flourishes, entirely at one with itself and, consequently, with us.
NZZ am Sonntag, 17 November 2013, Manfred Papst

"Castelo", by the unique Schärli – Moreira – Feigenwinter trio, is an intensely lyrical and melodic album that allows plenty of air and space for interaction and improvisation – beautiful.
Schweiz am Sonntag, 17 November 2013, Stefan Künzli

A thrilling Swiss-Brazilian summit en miniature: the Schärli – Moreira – Feigenwinter trio’s performance at the Basel jazz festival. (…) This trio provided intellectually stimulating entertainment, uniting two continents on a tiny stage and yet opening up vast creative expanses (…).
Tages Woche, 26 April 2013, Stefan Franzen