Schärli - Moreira - Feigenwinter



about the band


Piano, guitar, trumpet: the formation is rather audacious. The musicians involved have class. Trumpeter and composer Peter Schärli is continuing his musical course of reduction and transparency with a freshly founded trio. The music they play has been composed by the three musicians themselves. Listeners who are familiar with the qualities of Schärli's projects and know how well he is rooted among his audience can prepare for a top-flight experience.

Schärli was able to engage an outstanding musician by having the Brazilian guitarist Juarez Moreira join the Trio. In Brazil Moreira fills large concert halls. His recent performance with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra in New York's packed Lincoln Center was greeted with enthusiasm. Moreira has worked with many well-known musicians, among them Milton Nascimiento, Maria Bethânia, Lô Borges, Toninho Horta, and Paulo Moura, and his compositions are often played by renowned musicians from the current Brasil scene.

Hans Feigenwinter of Basel brings his acute melodic ear and his brilliant technique to the trio. In his compositions, the pianist emphasises the clarity and comprehensibility that he also strives for with his own trio. Feigenwinter's sparkling cascades testify to his virtually inexhaustible imagination. As a longstanding sideman in the Peter Schärli Special Sextet featuring Glenn Ferris, he is entirely at home with Schärli's musical ideas.

In the 30 years of his professional career, Peter Schärli has followed his unerring intuition to reduce his music to its very essence ever more forcefully. Its gently melancholic mood amalgamates with energetic exploits and concise improvisations. Schärli is a guarantor of continuity. The Peter Schärli Special Sextet featuring Glenn Ferris has existed for over 25 years, and the Peter Schärli Trio (with Ithamara Koorax or Glenn Ferris) has been active for over a decade.
Peter Schärli has celebrated enormous successes at music and theatre festivals in Europe, India, the former USSR, as well as in various countries in Africa and South America. Two of his albums have been pre-nominated for Grammys, and O Grande Amor received an outstanding review in the US jazz magazine Down Beat. In addition to his own projects, Schärli figures as a sideman in several bands of various styles.