Peter Schärli Trio featuring Glenn Ferris



The band's highly sophisticated compositions impressed with their flowing elegance and with their directness and emotionality, which gave their intellectual ambition a bold touch. At times the music sounded as if it had been imported directly from New Orleans; at other times it was surprisingly impressionistic.
Schärli has been one of Europe's top trumpeters for years. He is a wonderful narrator on his instrument – one who knows how to tell stories with verve and humour. His clear intonation and penetrating sound have something very individual about them, revealing a musician who is familiar with tradition and doesn't need vibrato to sound lyrical. Neither does he need flourishes to get to the point, or virtuoso 100-meter races to show off his brilliance. Schärli knows about the effect of economical musicianship. And he is complemented ingeniously by Glenn Ferris, whose playing has become rather soft and supple in recent years. The two engage in a constant instrumental dialogue, challenging each other, confirming each other in unison, and never coming across as lachrymose or sentimental.
Jürg Konrad,, 28 October 2017

The 2016 Willisau Jazz Festival offered a first highlight right on the opening night… The Peter Schärli Trio featuring Glenn Ferris play their music with such ease that one forgets the complexity inherent in the tracks and their often unusual forms. Melodious, relaxed, transparent: Schärli's jazz appeals to many listeners who think they dislike jazz.
Pirmin Bossart, Aargauer Zeitung, 5 September 2016

With their soulful performance at the 2016 Willisau Jazz Festival, Schärli and his quartet made it clear that only one thing ultimately counts in music: spirit. The band played music that was completely unflustered and had nothing to do with the studied, exercise-like quality often found in jazz.
Christoph Merki, Tagesanzeiger, 3 September 2016

No contrived drama, but lots of inner suspense. Music that is warm and friendly, but never artificially softened. Much sincere presence, zero affectation!
Peter Rüedi, 12 May 2016

We are used to getting pleasure out of Peter Schärli's collaboration with Glenn Ferris. But now the two have added a new level of delight. In "Bahia Mood", with the telling bracket note "Sugar Lady", the trumpeter actually also sings, and the trombonist gasps and grunts. This only nearly comes across as antics – which may well lie at its origins; combined with Hans Peter Pfammatter's casual piano and Thomas Dürst's bass it becomes earnest fun, an expression of pure musical pleasure and a mischievous whim of good taste. The act exposes a side of jazz that is nowadays often lost amid all the serious art: humour. This lightness comes with a way of playing together that resembles a Swiss clockwork, in which each cog fits into the next with greatest precision. Compositions that seem to be cast from a single mould, music that feels played, not laboured, that is present, plain and simple as child's play. Unnecessary ballast and trivialities are cast off, pushed aside, the sound seems liberated and purified but without feeling sterile – just like good jazz ought to be. This is great art and the result of over three decades of collaboration. Fun, soulful, inspiring – simply a delight!
Steff Rohrbach, Jazz'n'More, July/August 2016

Can jazz be refreshing and unconventional and at the same time appeal to the occasional listener? No problem for Swiss trumpeter Peter Schärli, meanwhile aged sixty. For over three decades he has persistently and with relish positioned himself between the stereotypical categories of avant-garde and tradition. The quartet's strength is revealed in lyrical, atmospheric passages, where the space between the notes is just as important as the music itself.
Andreas Schneider, Jazzthetik, May/June 2016

Lavadeiras è una perfetta sintesi di quello che troviamo in tutto il disco: assoli perfetti, la simbiosi fra i musicisti ed un'estetica di tipo europeo. Schärli infatti è fra i migliori solisti del suo strumento in Europa, non solo in Svizzera ed insieme alla band firma un disco molto personale.
Lavadeiras is a perfect synthesis of what we find throughout the album: exquisite solos, symbiosis between the musicians, and a European type of aesthetic. Indeed, Schärli is among the best soloists on his instrument in Europe, not just in Switzerland, and together with his band he has produced a very personal album.
Vittorio Conte, Musiczoom, Mai 2016

"Purge" means purify, clarify, cleanse. The piece by Glenn Ferris has given the album its name (cover by Niklaus Troxler) and is an excellent expression of what Schärli's music is about: reduction to the essential, transparency, lightness. The nine tracks on "Purge" are convincing with their melodious core, relaxed drive, and lucid compositions. Their beauty reminds us that simplicity is not to be confused with simple-mindedness: omission is only possible once we understand things on a much greater scale. This album brims with the fruit of experience.
Pirmin Bossart, JAZZ’N’MORE No. 6, November/December 2015

And speaking of Swiss jazzmen whose name ends in the diminutive -li, of course Peter Schärli must be mentioned, too. He haunted the festival with his Trio (with the glorious Hans-Peter Pfammatter and Thomas Dürst on the piano and bass) and superstar trombonist Glenn Ferris. This group is united by the self-concept of four gentlemen who have been sharing the stage for up to thirty years and more. Peter Schärli and his crew preserve the pure beauty of jazz. I bow deeply to them.
Ane Hebeisen, DER BUND,
20 January 2015

Instrumental CD of the Month: Peter Schärli Trio featuring Glenn Ferris: "Live at AVO Session / Basel - Switzerland" (TCB) 2012, Rating: ***** (musical performance & sonic quality)
Creativity, spontainety, impeccable performances, thrilling solos, perfect arrangements, great repertoire. What else could we ask for?
Arnaldo Desouteiro,
jazzstation (BR), 5 June 2012

The magic that the two of them (Glenn Ferris and Peter Schärli) produce in terms of counterpoint logic and touching melodies - unpretentiously, as if on the side - is literally unheard of. Simple and natural, like all great art.
Peter Rüedi, June 2011