Peter Schärli: "Peace Now!"

about the band


As a musician, I work with more than just sounds. I take note of what goes on in the world, think about it, and have a certain attitude towards people, society, and life. In the past few years it has become clearer still that our global system is out of joint. "Holy" capitalism is working more and more perfidiously. Behind its clean mask, the world is becoming increasingly uncaring. Inhumane. Brutal.

The gap between poor and rich is widening daily. Human rights are being violated and people are being left to starve just to maximize profits. It has once again become socially acceptable to humiliate, discriminate against, and hate those who are defenseless or in the minority. Black/white, good/bad, right/wrong, right/left: binary thinking leads us nowhere. We must relearn ternary thinking (yes/no/maybe). The "maybe", the doubts, and the vulnerability are important. I am wary of those who claim to know it all.

Impressions of whole and broken worlds are reflected in my music. Maybe my concerts can encourage all those who want to keep the world humane and who stand up for justice and peace. We must defend ourselves against the agitators and populists! Doing so is in itself reason enough for me to live.

I can afford to spend my life playing music. What a privilege! I can create moments of joy for others, and that gives me joy, too.

Music can change the world, we just need to listen to it. Peace now!


(Peter Schärli)